1) On the phone with your mom and missed a call that you won that super great contest you entered? If you had setup your voicemail box, you would be much, much richer right now. So… How do you set up/access voicemail?

  • If you are within the Thunder Bay network service area simply dial 626-9999 to access your voice mailbox, from either your cell phone or your landline. From your HSPA cell phone simply hold down the “1” key while you are anywhere on the TBayTel wireless network.
  •  From outside of the network access your voice mailbox by calling 1-888-847-0936.
  •  The first time you access your voice mailbox you will be required to enter your temporary password (which is your 10-digit telephone or cell phone number, depending on whether you are setting up your home phone or cellular voicemail.) You will then be prompted to choose a new password which must be between 4-19 digits in length. When you are finished entering the new password press “#”. You will be prompted to re-enter your new password then press “#” again to confirm. You will then be prompted to record your name, then to press “#” to confirm it. This completes the setup of your new mailbox. Now you can talk to Grandma for hours without risk of missing an important message.

2) I’m expecting a call from the guy I went on a date with last weekend. I can’t miss it. How do I add minutes to the prepaid phone I bought at TOUCH Unwired?

  • You can add minutes to your phone Online or via Phone with a credit card number, or by purchasing a prepaid ticket from TOUCH Unwired.
  • IN-STORE – come into any of TOUCH Unwired’s 3 locations and purchase all the minutes you need
  • PHONE – from your prepaid phone dial #8255, from a landline call 807-631-0997 and follow the prompts
  • ONLINE- visit prepaid.tbaytel.net

3) My dad insists on carrying his phone in his back pocket. I keep telling him it’s going to break but he obviously doesn’t listen. How long is the warranty on his cell phone, and what does the warranty cover?

  • Cell phones have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers hardware failure. Warranties do not cover broken or water damaged equipment. Tell your Dad to come and buy a case from TOUCH Unwired to protect his phone.

4) My uncle sent me a cheque for my birthday. Sweet! So now, where can I pay my TBayTel bill?

  • You can pay your bill in person with a debit or credit card at the payment kiosks located at Touch Unwired, 1080 Lithium Drive and the Intercity Shopping Centre.
  • Cash payments can be made at your bank, or at the Victoriaville Civic Centre.
  • Bills can be paid online by visiting tbaytel.net/mytbaytel
  • Bills can be paid with a credit card by calling 623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501
  • Cheques can be mailed to TBayTel, Box 10074, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6T6
  • It’s your birthday, remember to get yourself something nice.

5) iTunes Backup and Restore Instructions