CHOETECH 15W Magnetic Snap-on Wireless Charger w/ Connected USB-C PD Cable

choetech 15W Magnetic SnapOn Wireless Charger with Connected USB C PD Cable 15-08475-1


Designed with MagSafe compatible devices in mind, the CHOETECH Magnetic Wireless Charger is capable of delivering up to 15W.

This simple magnetic wireless charger by CHOETECH comes with built-in magnets that allow MagSafe compatible devices to snap into optimal alignment for faster charging (up to 15W). Featuring an integrated USB-C PD cable for providing the optimal charge to the charger, it’s compatible with smartphone cases that are 3-5 mm thick.





Sale Phones: New activations and upgrades must sign a 2-year commitment on applicable voice and data plans and keep both voice and data plans for the duration of the commitment to benefit from the device price.